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Yemeni Arabian Haraaz Mountain Coffee, Medium Roasted Whole Beans

Haraaz coffea arabica roasted coffee whole bean peace
Yemen Coffee Grower The Kiwi Importer
Tuerk Kahvesi Bakir Cezve kahwa cahvah kawa roasted coffee coffea arabica

Haraaz coffea arabica roasted coffee whole bean peace

REAL ARABIAN MOCHA COFFEE: Yemeni green beans are imported directly from a family farmers cooperative, growing coffee high in the Haraz mountains. Master roasted in small batches. HARAZZ COFFEE IS GROWN AT AN IDEAL ALTITUDE AND LATITUDE: This coffee is grown on stone-sloped terraced mountains which are 8,000 feet above sea level. The high altitude and location near the equator is ideal for dense, rich, full flavored, fruity beans. NATURALLY ORGANIC: with the isolation, lack of infrastructure and instability of the region mean synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are not available for use, the beans must be hand picked and dry (naturally) processed. Ancient cultivars are traditionally farmed as they have been in centuries past. NATURAL DRY PROCESSED COFFEE: meaning the beans were sun-dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or “washed” coffees. Natural processing is only possible in hot and sunny climatic conditions such as the Haraaz mountains. The no tech process is better for the environment and the beans. INCREDIBLE SPECIALTY COFFEE: The central Yemeni mountain coffee farmers are renowned for their exceptional, unique coffee and Haraaz coffee is a particularly refined example of its type. SUPPORTING SMALL FAMILY FARMERS: This coffee is part of the Haraaz collaborative and each batch is traceable back to the individual grower families. The program was designed to connect these traditional grower families to International markets so that they can support themselves with coffee and not rely on growing the narcotic qaat.

Name Yemeni Arabian Haraaz Mountain Coffee, Medium Roasted Whole Beans
Size 12 oz
Packaging coffee bag
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Ingredients 100% coffee
Country of Origin Yemen
Shelf Life roasted April 2019
SKU hcmrwb12oz

Yemeni Arabian Haraaz Mountain Coffee, Medium Roasted Whole Beans

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Yemeni Arabian Haraaz Mountain Coffee, Medium Roasted Whole Beans Reviews

Nice that Yemeni coffee is still available in the US given the recent turmoil in that country. Very rich and tasty. Definitely a treat for serious coffee drinkers. Will buy again.

19 April 17

Lovely, evenly roasted and delicious coffee. Thanks very much for the prompt delivery or your wonderful product.

17 April 17

Not quite a medium roast, closer to a dark roast, but not a bad roast at all. Quite aromatic, exotic and delicious! Successfully brewed in french press as well as a manual fill Keurig!!
Fast shipping too.
I'll be back for more!

15 March 17

This was an interesting coffee. I liked the taste. It was the third sip when it hit full flavor. It is not my all time favorite but it is good and will be on the rotation. Bottom line, I will buy again and would suggest you do the same.

21 April 17

Excellent coffee with a unique flavor. Tastes delicious using French press or cold brewed as well

Michigan Hockey
02 March 17



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