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New Zealand in your kitchen, without the jet lag (or the ridiculously high shipping rates)

Our scrumptious range of specialty food is hand selected from artisan producers in New Zealand which we are proud to make available in the USA from our warehouse here in Texas. 

Anyone who has travelled to New Zealand will tell you the same thing. We have really good food. We like to eat. We like to cook. And it is in our culture to share food with old friends and new ones we just met the table. 

New Zealand is a nirvana for growing fresh food. Our isolation and size has insured that there are fewer pests and crop diseases than elsewhere in the world. This, along with our climate, fertile soil, clean air and water, stance on GMO free cropping and strict food regulations have all lead to New Zealand food gaining an International reputation for safety, quality and taste.

In New Zealand, we care about our food. And at The Kiwi Importer, we care about your order. We prioritize getting your orders on its way to you quickly. Orders are on their way to you usually within one business day and typically your package will arrive in 2 - 5 days wherever you are in the USA. 

We love hearing from you. If you have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please email us at or call us on 832-532-1888 (9am to 5pm CT). 

Let us bring a little piece of New Zealand, to your kitchen.


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