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Sarah Ayala The Kiwi Importer importing gourmet natural food from New ZealandKia Ora! I’m Sarah the owner of Kiwi Importer. I don't import brown fuzzy fruit! I'm a 'Kiwi' meaning I'm a New Zealander. Kiwis are New Zealand’s (unofficial) national bird. Unlike the American Bald Eagle which embodies majestic beauty and great strength, our national bird can’t fly, is nocturnal, partially blind and because it has so many predators, it’s endangered (fortunately there are a lot of great human Kiwis that work tirelessly on their preservation). Despite the Kiwi’s shortcomings, our national bird is unique, super cute and a loved symbol of New Zealand and I’m importing unique, high quality and much loved products from New Zealand, hence, I'm The Kiwi Importer.

Before moving to the USA I was in the fruit and vegetable industry and exported fresh produce from both New Zealand and Australia to some of the world's largest supermarkets. I bought, sold, exported, formed collaborative grower groups, worked on export protocols, managed large supermarket accounts, and ate millions of melons, mangoes and bags of salad in the process! I'm a big salad fanatic and the fast pace of the industry suited my personality.

In 2011 my husband was offered a position based in the USA. Always up for an adventure we decided to make a go of life in the US along with our then 18 month old daughter (our son was born here in the US). Unsure of what to do with myself away from a country and work I loved, I enrolled (and recently completed) my PhD in collaborative international agribusiness chains. During my research I connected with the producers of Tahi Manuka Honey. Tahi honey is nature positive honey - made without the use of chemicals or any other toxins near or in the hive. The bees are not exposed to orchard pesticides or fed junk food, instead, they are free to hang about in wild New Zealand bush land, feasting on native New Zealand flowers in the warmer months and overwintering on their own honey. As nature intended. Tahi Manuka Honey is an absolute pleasure to introduce to people in the USA as the purity and quality of the honey has been an instant hit here in the USA - and I love that my business keeps me connected to my beautiful homeland.

In New Zealand we are fortunate to have pure water, clean air, quality soil and lots of unspoilt land. Our healthy outdoor culture demands fresh healthy food. I felt that there were so many more quality, pure, natural products that I had to share with you and so, here they are! I hope you love them as much as I do.

Sarah – The Kiwi Importer

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