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International Shipping

We do not ship Internationally direct.


Goodies from The Kiwi Importer can be shipped to you internationally using either of these two companies:


www.MyUS.com or www.Stackry.com

They both work in a similar way.

1. Sign up with either MyUS.com or Stackry.com and they will give you your own unique USA address.

2. Order online at www.kiwiimporter.com directing your order to be shipped to your USA address from whichever of these international shipping companies you choose.

3. You organize and pay for your international shipping through them. Both offer a range of service speeds and providers. 

Want to know how much the international shipping will cost you? You can estimate shipping costs here or here.

We are only able to take responsibility to get the shipment to a US address. Any issues with International postage, customs or taxes and duties are the responsibility between the International customer and the shipper.



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