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Sweet Amber | Lemon and Ginger

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Our Sweet Amber tea is comforting blend of warming ginger and tangy lemon that naturally enhances the smooth sweetness in Zealong’s black tea. It's soft and smooth with a sweet lemon ginger aroma and brews to a rich deep amber.

We don't cut corners with oils and imitation flavors, we only use real herbs and spices. Because we use premium hand-picked tea leaves and real ingredients each bag can be infused multiple times in one day without compromising flavor or aroma. Tea plants absorb everything around them so clean air, water and soil is critical for toxin free, pure tea. Our Sweet Amber tea is beautifully packed into 15 non-GMO plant starch bags which unlike standard tea bags do not contain bleaches, staples or glues.

Our bags are in a sealed foil pouch for freshness and presented in a collectible tin.

Name Sweet Amber | Lemon and Ginger
Category Organic Tea
Size 15 multi-infusion bags
Packaging unbleached non-GMO plant based pyramid bags, in a foil bag, in a tin box
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Ingredients organic black tea, lemon myrtle and ginger chunks
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life best before January 2020
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certification USDA organic, certified bio gro organic, ISO 22000 HACCP, SGS
SKU zt amber B15

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Sweet Amber | Lemon and Ginger

$5 flat rate shipping within the USA. Free if within an order of $35+

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Sweet Amber | Lemon and Ginger Reviews

Drinking this tea was like drinking a warm hug and left me relaxed and content. I will definitely buy again.

Carol Ray
21 October 19

The tea was good, and to tell the truth, I thought I was buying loose tea. No mater, as the package was very nicely done and quite nice enough that it softened the blow of getting a few tea bags. That's on me.

Overall it's a nice tea with a good ginger kick. I just think that the container is - although very nice and artfully done - a bit excessive given its positioning as an organic, earth friendly product.

mark hepburn
13 August 18



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