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Old Yella Habanero Mustard

Al Brown Old yella habanero mustard
Al Brown Old yella habanero mustard

This habanero spiked mustard was original developed for Chef Al Brown's New Zealand restaurants. This mustard has bite - but it doesn't detract from the great rich mustard flavor. Use as you would any mustard. It's great on hot dogs and in ham sandwiches.

Meet Al Brown at a New Zealand beach on boxing day in NZ, cooking up toasties for the crew:

Name Old Yella Habanero Mustard
Category Condiments
Kiwi Credits Earn $1.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life Best enjoyed by July 2020
SKU wc mustard

Old Yella Habanero Mustard

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