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Manuka Honey UMF 12+ (14.1 oz) by Tahi

Tahi Manuka Honey non-GMO honey from New Zealand
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Tahi Manuka Honey non-GMO honey from New Zealand

Raw, unfiltered and undamanged premium manuka honey with no added water, sugar or preservatives just pure honey.

Tahi is about ethical and sustainable beekeeping. Tahi's bees are free to forage in native New Zealand forest and are not taken on orchard visits where they could pick up pesticides. No sugar syrup or chemicals are used in the hive. Better for the bees and better for you.

Every purchase contributing directly to conservation projects. Thank you for helping us to restore wetlands and sand dunes and to plant native trees.

Manuka honey is known as the 'healing honey' for it's super high antibacterial properties. Used in hospitals and vet clinics world wide for wound care and healing. UMF Association number 2035 guarantees authentic manuka honey.

Name Manuka Honey UMF 12+ (14.1 oz) by Tahi
Category Authentic Manuka Honey
Size 400 grams (14.1 oz)
Packaging PET recyclable plastic with an induction seal.
Shipping Free and fast shipping within the USA.
Kiwi Credits Earn $2.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients 100% honey
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life Best Before Feb 2022
Storage Store upright in the pantry with the lid on tight
Certification UMF Honey Association, Carbon Neutral, GE Free, Bee Natural, Zeitz Foundation
SKU tm 12p 400

UMF and MGO: What do the numbers mean?
Genuine manuka honey has been measured for methylglyoxal, the most important organic chemical contributing to the special antibacterial properties of manuka honey. UMF and MGO are both valid measures of the non-peroxidal activity unique to Manuka Honey but it can be confusing when you try to compare the two. This document helps show how these two ratings compare.


Tahi Manuka Honey UMF 12 Batch 50142
All manuka honey sold on www.kiwiimporter.com is independently tested and verified so that we can be sure that we only stock manuka honey that is true to label claims.

So that you can also be sure, we have made these results available to you too.


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Manuka Honey UMF 12+ (14.1 oz) by Tahi

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Manuka Honey UMF 12+ (14.1 oz) by Tahi Reviews

Great taste and a good price! I use this honey daily, not only for oral uses but also for my sinuses. I had a major sinus surgery last year to remove a tumor and had sinus infections almost constantly afterwards. Antibiotics weren't that helpful and only seemed to work for a week or so. I found some home remedies online that involve putting manuka honey in my saline rinses and decided to give it a try. If the stuff can kill MRSA it shouldn't have any problem with my sinus infections right?? I can happily say that it has been a miracle for me. I haven't had a sinus infection since I started using it. I can't say that it's for everyone but if you have sinus issues, I'd recommend doing your research on it. I love manuka honey and Tahi is my go to brand!

03 May 16

review Helpful


03 October 16

Tasty and healthy :) Helps chapped lips and skin irritations too.

Randy S
18 September 16

We have been using this product form12 months now we love it I have to hide it from my kids

Wayne G
25 May 16

In my humble opinion this is ansolutely the best tasting honey in the world , as well as all the other health benefits it has to offer I was impressed with the Tahi take on production and business practices . Well worth the price

01 May 16

We were lucky enough to sample a range of Tahi honeys and loved how the strong manuka flavour of the 12+ is - and it is so creamy and smooth. We also really love the values of this company - they are all about the community and creating a sustainable, clean, ecologically diverse environment. This makes for happy bees and the purest honey we can find! We are repeat customers and can't recommend Tahi enough.

04 April 16



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