Heilala Pure Vanilla Syrup

vanilla bean 250ml Syrup
vanilla syrup for cocktails
vanilla bean 250ml Syrup

Heilala Vanilla Syrup is sweet and versatile with a smooth vanilla flavor, rich golden color, and perfect syrupy texture. It contains a whole vanilla bean to ensure the flavors continue to disperse until the last drop. THE PERFECT ADDITION: to everything from breakfasts and beverages to desserts. Use Heilala Vanilla Syrup to flavor coffee, tea, sodas, and cocktails. Use it as a topping over yogurt, ice cream, pancakes, porridge and desserts or add it to milkshakes for a pure vanilla hit everyone will love. PREMIUM HEILALA VANILLA BEANS ARE ORGANICALLY GROWN IN TONGA: Hand-selected for their freshness and dried under the Pacific Sun. Heilala Vanilla beans are of the bourbon variety but are more moist than a typical Madagascar bourbon bean. The rich flavor and intoxicating fragrance puts Heilala Vanilla paste in a league of its own. 98% OF THE WORLD'S VANILLA IS ARTIFICIAL: Heilala is part of the rare 2% of real, pure vanilla. Products that are labelled as vanilla essence are typically imitation vanilla, a man-made chemical compound that mimics the flavor and aroma of real vanilla. It is commonly manufactured from by products of either the paper industry or from coal tar. FROM THE VINE TO YOUR PANTRY: Heilala is the only vanilla company in the world with complete ownership and full trace-ability of product from the vine to your pantry. This eliminates the need for unnecessary handling and you can be sure of 100% pure vanilla every time. FOUNDED ON AID AND FAIR TRADE: Heilala began as an aid project in Tonga in 2002 to create essential employment and resources such as running water, housing and schools for the local community of Vava'u. In 2013, the Heilala Vanilla Foundation was established to ensure the ongoing sustainability of their unique partnership with the community in Tonga. The Foundation is a registered charitable trust with the New Zealand Charities Commission and each year selects a project to benefit the people of Vava’u.

Name Heilala Pure Vanilla Syrup
Producer Heilala Vanilla
Size 8.46 FL OZ
Packaging tall glass bottle
Shipping $5 flat rate FAST SHIPPING within the USA. FREE if part of an order over $35
Kiwi Credits Earn $1.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients Sugar, Water, Vanilla Extract (triple fold), Vanilla bean, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Potassium Sorbate
Country of Origin Tonga / New Zealand
Shelf Life Current inventory best before March 2019
Storage In the pantry
Certification Gluten Free, Kosher Certification from Kosher Licensing Authority
SKU >hvsyrup

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Heilala Pure Vanilla Syrup

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