The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Wrap

October 11, 2017

what are beeswax wraps what are bees wrapsBeeswax food wraps are a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cling wrap.

There is increasing consumer concern about the effects of wrapping food in plastic for a number of reasons. Plastic wrap is usually made from PVC (Polyvinylidene Chloride) or in recent years, LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) which is generally considered to be safer for our bodies, but does not stick as well as PVC. Both, understandably, have people questioning if these chemicals are safe being close to stored food. 

nil beeswax food wrap reviewIn addition to health concerns, plastic wrap is a truly unsustainable option environmentally speaking, because it doesn't biodegrade. Plastic fills our landfills and it will be there, forever. According to Statista, 6.12 million American households used on average 10 rolls of plastic wrap in 2016. That's a lot of plastic sandwich wrap filling our landfills and this is ultimately not sustainable. 


What are Beeswax wraps?

how to use beeswax food wrapsNil Beeswax wraps are a completely natural, re-useable, plastic wrap alternative for wrapping food or covering bowls (just like you'd use cling wrap). In fact, our customers tell us that our organic cotton, soaked in organic beeswax, propolis, manuka oil and jojoba oil keep food fresher than plastic wrap.

Beeswax is a natural product, made by bees to store honey. Bees wax is an incredible feat of nature, comprising 284 compounds. Not all of the compounds are known, but they combine to make a naturally antimicrobial coating which doesn't interfere with the digestive system.

organic beeswax wraps emmy awards best beeswax wraps2The wax makes organic cotton airtight, waterproof, flexible and sticky enough to behave in a similar way to cling wrap. We also add propolis, manuka and jojoba oil which add to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of the wrap.

Nil wraps have been awarded the best eco-friendly company at the Australasian 2016 Naturally Good Retailer's Choice Awards, were voted a top pick by Organic NZ Magazine and were selected to be included in the 68th Emmy Awards Celebrity Gift Bags.


How to use Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax softens at human temperature, so just the warmth of your hands will shape your wrap over food and dishes. The wrap will hold it's shape as it cools. Always wait for the food to cool before you wrap it. Beeswax wraps are not suitable for raw meat. They can be used in the freezer, however. 

To clean, simply wash with cool water and a little soap and leave to dry. I've been surprised how easy they are to clean as food doesn't stick to the wax in the same way it sticks to plastic. When your wrap is completely dry, roll back up and store in it's tube. Your wrap should last 4 - 6 months.

Watch the video on how to clean your beeswax wrap here.


best eco-friendly product

Where Nil wraps get their name

Nil Products get their name because nothing other than natural products are used, nothing is taken away (all the ingredients are bio natural products), and there is nil waste in the manufacturing process. 

The scraps and off cuts of the nil wraps are not wasted - they're repurposed into our organic fire starters making the process totally sustainable.


Why we love Nil Fire Starters

organic fire starters low vapor fire starters natural fire startersNil Fire Starters contain no harmful chemicals or vapor as they are completely natural.

Besides being non-toxic the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer. Good for people and the environment. 

organic fire starter on fireThese fire starters are great for the home fire place or as part of an emergency kit - and super convenient for camping since they can be stored near food and are light as a feather.

Nil Fire Starters burn for more than 15 minutes per starter which is significantly better than supermarket fire starters.


Ethically handmade by New Zealand Moms

businesses with good employment practicesNil products are ethically handmade in New Zealand by moms in need of flexible work to support their families.

Founder Anna Bordignon is an advocate of The Living Wage, environmentally friendly products and healthy living.


About The Kiwi Importer

The Kiwi Importer provides unique and natural products from New Zealand and other countries to socially conscious consumers in the USA.

Based in Richmond Texas, the company imports healthy, gourmet delights such as several brands of Manuka honey, Rangihoua Olive Oil, Heilala Vanilla, Zealong Organic Tea and Kaitaia Fire hot sauce. 

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