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The Vanilla Lover's Home Baker's Kit

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vanilla lovers pantry pack2

VanillaPaste with whole seeds heilala vanilla USA
heilala vanilla cake USA vanillian paste and extract cooks kit for kids grandmas moms gift
vanilla lovers pantry pack2

1 x tall glass bottle of pure vanilla extract and 1 x 100ml glass jar of award winning pure vanilla bean paste full of whole seeds. Gluten free and Kosher Certified.

THE 100% PURE VANILLA EXTRACT - Made with a unique extraction process where premium, hand-selected Heilala Vanilla beans are used in a unique cold extraction, slow percolation method over 3 months to gently draw out and preserve the delicate aromatics and produce a sweet, creamy and complex vanilla extract. No sugar, synthetic or imitation flavors are added.

THE MULTI-AWARD WINNING PASTE - Contains Vanilla Bean Extract, Alcohol, Vanilla Bean Seeds, Sugar (5%) and Natural Seaweed Thickener. No artificial preservatives, fillers or flavors goes into this rich, concentrated and seedy paste.

THE PERFECT HOME BAKER'S PAIR - Vanilla is an essential for any home chef's pantry. Vanilla supports, balances, mellows and gives depth to dishes. It can be its own star in ice cream, custard or crème brulee or an enhancer for chocolate, coffee, nut and fruit flavors.

FOUNDED ON AID AND FAIR TRADE: Heilala began as an aid project in Tonga in 2002 to create essential employment and resources such as running water, housing and schools for the local community of Vava'u.

Name The Vanilla Lover's Home Baker's Kit
Category Extra Virgin Oils
Size Both items 3.38 fl oz each
Packaging glass
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Ingredients Extract: Mineral water, alcohol (35%), Heilala Vanilla Bean). Paste: Vanilla Bean Extract, Alcohol, Vanilla Bean Seeds, Sugar (5%) Natural Seaweed Thickener
Country of Origin Beans organically grown in Tonga, product of NZ
Storage Store in a cool, dark location such as your pantry
Certification Gluten Free, organically grown, allergen free, vegan, kosher, True Pacific
SKU hvbakekitlar

I absolutely love your products. My husband first bought the vanilla bean paste in Western Samoa-Apia. I used it in sugar cookies, fresh whipped cream and anything that called for vanilla.
Sharon Schmidt
01 December 16

I think that this set is the best of the best from Heilala's line. And the best place to get it is from Kiwi Importer! This set makes a great eye-popping gift for myself and for the cooks in my family.

The vanilla bean inside of the extract bottle makes this extract cute and so practical. After using the whole bottle, you can use the vanilla bean to make vanilla sugar or any recipe calling for a vanilla bean. And the paste is so fun to use, especially in homemade ice cream. Now I can look like I took the trouble of skinning a vanilla bean when Heilala did the work for me. ;) I also LOVE that you can trace the product from harvest to bottle.

NOTE: The one thing that I would change about this set is the lid that comes on the vanilla extract bottle, as it is so flimsy and bends very easily. I think that this a premium product and a better lid is needed to convey that it is truly superior to other brands.
Abi B
09 November 16


Heilala Vanilla Extract Nutritional Facts


Heilala Vanilla Nutritional Facts


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The Vanilla Lover's Home Baker's Kit

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