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Kilamanjaro Masai Ground Coffee

Africafe Kilimanjaro Masai Blend Front
Africafe Kilimanjaro Masai Blend Front
AFRICAFE KILAMANJARO MASAI COFFEE: is grown on the steep slopes and rich volcanic soil of Mount Kilimanjaro by local grower families. COOLER WEATHER AT HIGHER ELEVATIONS: causes the beans to take longer to mature, intensifying the wonderful flavors of the Arabica beans which are known for their great flavor. AFRICAFE KILAMANJARO MASAI COFFEE: is traditionally milled and naturally sun-dried before being roasted in small batches and packed fresh maintaining its natural aroma and flavors. The coffee has a sweet, delicate aroma, nutty flavor, and lingerering body. COARSE GRIND: great for french press or plungers. MASAI PACK: The aluminum pouch is packed in a cloth masai bag for awesome presentation!
Name Kilamanjaro Masai Ground Coffee
Category Condiments
Packaging Aluminum foil in a cloth masai bag.
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Ingredients coffee
Country of Origin Tanzania
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Kilamanjaro Masai Ground Coffee

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