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Heilala 100% Pure Vanilla Extract (50ml)

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2019 Pure Vanilla Extract 50ml 002
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premium vanilla extract
best bourbon vanilla extract
2019 Pure Vanilla Extract 50ml 002

Premium, hand-selected Heilala Vanilla beans are used in a unique cold extraction, slow percolation method over 3 months to gently draw out and preserve the delicate aromatics and produce a sweet, creamy and complex vanilla extract.

No sugar, chemicals or artificial anything. 98% of the world's vanilla is artificial. Heilala is part of the rare 2% of real, pure vanilla. Products that are labelled as vanilla essence are typically imitation vanilla, a man-made chemical compound that mimics the flavor and aroma of real vanilla. It is commonly manufactured from by products of either the paper industry or from coal tar.

Heilala uses premium vanilla beans grown in Tonga and hand-selected for their freshness before being dried under the Pacific Sun. Heilala Vanilla beans are of the bourbon variety but are more moist than a typical Madagascar bourbon bean. The rich flavor and intoxicating fragrance puts Heilala 100% Pure Vanilla Extract in a league of its own.

Heilala is the only vanilla company in the world with complete ownership and full trace-ability of product from the vine to your pantry. This eliminates the need for unnecessary handling and you can be sure of 100% pure vanilla every time.

Heilala began as an aid project in Tonga in 2002 to create essential employment and resources such as running water, housing and schools for the local community of Vava'u. In 2013, the Heilala Vanilla Foundation was established to ensure the ongoing sustainability of their unique partnership with the community in Tonga. The Foundation is a registered charitable trust with the New Zealand Charities Commission and each year selects a project to benefit the people of Vava’u.

Name Heilala 100% Pure Vanilla Extract (50ml)
Category Baking and Spices
Size 50 ml (1.69 fl oz)
Packaging glass bottle
Shipping $5 to anywhere in the USA - FREE if part of an order of $35 or more.
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Ingredients No sugar, synthetic additives or imitation flavors are added to this 100% Pure Vanilla Extract.
Country of Origin Tonga / New Zealand
Shelf Life Best Before Aug 2022
Storage Store in a cool, dark location such as your pantry
Certification Gluten Free, Kosher Certification from Kosher Licensing Authority
SKU hv extract 50

I use this vanilla in my smoothies to give it the extra taste that they sometimes need without having to worry about added sugar.
Danial Van Holten
23 October 16


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Heilala 100% Pure Vanilla Extract (50ml)

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