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Cocoa Vanilla Extract

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Chocolate lovers - this cocoa vanilla extract is for you. A vanilla chocolate hit all in one. Awesome for chocolate cake, cupcakes, brownies, hot chocolate, tarts and cookies. All family bakers need this! Heilala vanilla is the world's most awarded vanilla. Now available in 6 new infused flavors for the holiday season. Use as you would any premium vanilla extract.

Name Cocoa Vanilla Extract
Producer Heilala Vanilla
Size 50 ml
Packaging glass bottle
Shipping $5 flat rate unless part of an order of $35 or more
Kiwi Credits Earn $1.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients Heilala Vanilla Bean Extractives in Water, Alcohol (35%), Cocoa Extract
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life Best by July 2022
Storage In the pantry
SKU >hv cocoa 50
Cocoa Vanilla Extract

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