Honoring my Mum

October 01, 2020

MumWe didn't have October Breast Cancer awareness month on our calendar, but this week has been a really challenging one for me with the passing of my Mum from metastatic breast cancer on Monday.

As I'm sure you can imagine, my world right now is a bit upside-down and turned-around.

My Mum was a true foodie. Not in the all-you-can-eat kind of way, but she loved interesting flavors and trying different foods. While other kiwi kids in the 80s were having meat and three vege (a stock-standard New Zealand meal at the time), Mum was cooking up goulash, gazpacho and vindaloo, complete with raita and poppadoms. We had nachos, home rolled sushi and couscous well before they were mainstream. When we'd been out somewhere interesting, the first question would be, "what did you eat?" and we were expected to describe the full menu in detail. She taught me to cook (spaghetti bolognaise was the first meal I could do n my own), and although she wasn't a fan of maps she could navigate perfectly by cafe; "Turn right at Olive, continue along past Ragazzi and it's in there on the left by One Red Dog." 

When I started this business, Mum was without a doubt, my number one supporter. She tried every single product and would give me her well considered thoughts - complete with photos. She'd make product suggestions and would connect me with people. It was Mum who connected me with Tahi, and it was an afternoon together at her favorite Tea House that led to me bringing in Zealong tea. Mum had complete faith in me making this business a success. More than I had in myself.

So, this wasn't at all planned, but in Mum's memory we wanted to do something and with the help of everyone in the Kiwi Importer office we decided to raise what we could to support other mums in October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

pink ribbon girlsWe asked around friends for recommendations of an organization to support and Pink Ribbon Girls was highly recommended. This group began from the simplest of gestures. A group of friends in Ohio, rallying to support a friend in need. Providing healthy meals, housecleaning and doing whatever they could do lighten the load.  From here they have grown beyond Ohio to Northern KY, Southern IN, St Louis MO, SouthEast IN, and the San Francisco Bay area. In 2019 PRG provided 108,576 healthy meals, 2,420 house cleanings, and 6,872 rides to treatment. A $96 donation feeds a family of four for a week. We are aiming to provide 3 weeks (a goal of $288) for a family or families in need of healthy meals. I'm sure Mum would see this as both a practical and a comforting thing to do!

Pink Ribbon Girls have reached a Platinum Seal of transparency on GuideStar.org and we were able to create a Facebook fundraiser for transparency of how much we raise. The organization publish their annual revenue and how the money is spent here.

pink ribbon breakfastWe will be donating $1 from each bag of Something To Crow About Cashew, Chia and Cherry Breakfast over October. We chose this breakfast because Christine and Mike, the owners of Something To Crow About are active sponsors of the New Zealand Breast Foundation's Pink Ribbon Breakfasts and this breakfast blend is their featured product. We also like that this breakfast is healthy and nutritious. It's over 66% nuts and seeds, vegan, gluten free and has been awarded a 4 star health rating, a national New Zealand healthy food rating system.

The Facebook fundraiser is set up here if you would like to make a separate donation you can do so. We'll be donating from the breakfast sales on October 31st.

Now go and hug your loved ones,




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