7 Things To Know Before You Get A Sports Massage

November 07, 2017


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Whether you're a serious athlete or a weekend jogger, strains and pains from exercise require attention so they don't lead to serious injury. A popular solution to avoid harm, is regular sports massage.

Sports Massage is a targeted therapeutic treatment for the unique physical and biomechanical needs of athletes. It can include injury recovery massage, pre and post workout and event massage and active release therapy.

This type of massage specifically targets muscle release and will help improve flexibility, reduce pain and increase range of motion. When done properly it can improve your sports performance, reduce pain, shorten recovery time and reduce the risk of injury.

Diane Sims and Keith Harvey, the people behind the Organic Muscle Rub, OMR, shared with us some advice on what athletes need to know before booking in for a sports massage.

Vet Your Therapist in Advance

Word of mouth is often the best place to start when searching for a good sports massage therapist, so ask you friends and fellow athletes who they use and what their experiences have been.

Before booking an appointment, ask questions about the therapist’s education and experience, like “What is your training?” “How many years have you been practicing?” and check they have experience with other athletes who participate in your sport. 

Timing is everything

If you're trying a new therapist, book an appointment a few weeks before the event so that you understand the effects their techniques will have on your body and if they are the right therapist for you.

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Schedule at a time when you can relax after your appointment. Training straight after a massage is not recommended, let your body rest for a day.

Pain Does Not Always Equal Gain

Massage does not have to hurt to be beneficial, in fact the no pain no gain can be counterproductive, as better therapy occurs when the client’s body is not bracing against the therapist. So, if you find yourself in serious mid-massage agony, let your therapist know.

It is your body, your session, and there’s a fine line between pain and discomfort, and it’s unique to the individual. Deep pressure is not the same as deep tissue. [/Section]

Organic Muscle Rub for big muscles3Your Massage Therapist is Not Your MD

If you are dealing with a serious injury, and don’t have a diagnosis, definitely see a sports doctor. Massage therapists do not diagnose. And while a therapist can identify and attempt to alleviate any tightness and inflammation in the body, if a problem area doesn’t feel significantly better three days post-massage, you should probably consult a sports doctor. If you have a particular diagnosed issue your massage therapist can work with that information and use massage as a helpful tool in recovery.

Soreness is Normal

Soreness is normal and can even help reveal areas of weakness that should receive future attention. Within 48 hours, the tightness should dissipate and, if the massage was administered correctly, you may even feel like you’re in a new body

Take a Bath

Soaking in a concentrated Epsom salt bath later in the day, after a massage, can help continue the recovery process and offset any soreness.

Be Hydrated (but don't eat too much) 

Dehydrated muscles are tighter so try to be well hydrated before your session. Keep your pre-massage snack light, however, and save your meal for after your massage.

organic muscle rub where to buy 3Organic Muscle Rub (OMR) OMR (Organic Muscle Rub) is a professional-strength, certified organic muscle rub that supports your body's natural healing processes, respects the environment and most importantly - it works! It is a concentrated product which contains no fillers or preservatives. All of the ingredients are 100% active and are sourced from ethical growers and suppliers who support sustainability.

The formula does not contain any of the commonly used synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredients typically found in these kind of products, such as Methyl Salicylate which causes an intense heating and cooling on the skin and can be highly toxic with repeated use. Instead, OMR is made with organic waxes, plant oils, proven therapeutic extracts and premium quality essential oils including methol leaf oil, hemp seed oil, black cumin seed oil, arnica flower oil, capsicum and manuka leaf oil. (A full list of ingredients available on the OMR partner page).

2017 coast to coast winner Sam Clarke2OMR has been extensively trialed with excellent results, and is utilized by some of New Zealand's most respected therapeutic practitioners and sports professionals including, Sam Clarke, the 2016 / 2017 Coast to Coast Winner; Nick Haig the NZ Captain of the Black Sticks and Brendan Telfer, Sports Commentator Radio Live.

Great for: muscle and joint pain, inflammation, sports injuries, sprains and strains, bruising, arthritic conditions, neuralgia, tension headaches, poor circulation and sciatica. Do not use on broken skin, if pregnant or children under 8 years. The vibrant orange color may leave marks if in contact with light colored clothing or towels.


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