Father's Day Gift Guide

June 06, 2017

If your dad is anything like mine, he can be really hard to buy for, fortunately, fabulous foodie gifts always hit the spot with dads!

To help you dazzle your dad on June 18th, I've selected 5 products popular with our male customers, and better yet I've got FREE shipping on all of these gifts (within the USA) up until Father's day 2017.

Introduce your Dad to home coffee roasting 

 home roasting pan with green beans for Fathers day gift2This roasting pan and green coffee bean pack is the perfect introduction to the awesome hobby of home coffee roasting (and we've got more green beans in stock for after they've used the ones in the pack). The unroasted coffee beans are from the Haraaz Coffee Project, supporting the Haraaz mountain coffee growers by connecting them with global markets. The income from this coffee is critical to enabling these Yemeni farming families to have a sustainable future in the industry and economic growth in the region. The Haraaz Mountains have ideal dry, high elevation, pesticide free conditions for coffee growing producing an authentic coffea arabica mocha with a beautiful rich taste. The pan is designed for small batch roasting and is also great for roasting nuts.

If your Dad prefers tea 

 Zealong Teacup2If tea is more your Dads speed, of the Zealong botanicals range Fire and Ice organic tea has been the most popular with men - in fact it's a favorite of Chiefs Rugby Player, Nate Harris. Fire and Ice blends the heat of ginger, manuka and black tea with the coolness of spearmint and peppermint. The loosely rolled black tea leaves and real herbs (no oils or additives here) can be infused up to three times and used in hot or cold brews. The finest tea plants in New Zealand are nurtured in rich and fertile soil in the Waikato's pristine growing environment. Clean air, water and soil is critical to the tea's purity. Zealong farms organically out of respect for our plants and the environment. Unlike most pyramid tea bags, which are usually made of plastic petroleum, Zealong's premium pyramid teabags are made of a non-GMO plant based starch so they are free of the synthetic polymer fibers, glues and bleaches typically found in pyramid and temple tea bags, making them 100% safe for your dad and the environment.

Get Dad ready for the BBQ season

Kaitaia Fire Hot Sauce 2 pack6These are New Zealand's most beloved and famous hot sauces. The peppers are organically grown in Kaitaia, a town that sits as the gateway to Northland, NewZealand, and finely milled with natural ingredients. The Kaitaia Fire Chili Pepper sauce is a more traditional chili sauce, made with sun-ripened cayenne peppers and barrel aged for 3 years. The Waha Wera (burning mouth) sauce is made with habaneros and blended with iconic New Zealand flavors of kiwi and manuka honey. Free of synthetic additives and colorings these sauces have a nice hot kick but without masking the wonderful flavors. This is a great gift for Dads who love outdoor grilling as we head into the BBQ season. It's fantastic on chicken wings, steak, hot dogs and burgers. 

Make Dad breakfast in bed 

 Heilala vanilla syrupWhat Dad doesn't like a good Sunday breakfast made by his kids? Whip up some waffles, pancakes or french toast and serve them with Heilala Vanilla Syrup. Heilala premium vanilla beans are organically grown in Tonga, hand-selected for their freshness and dried under the Pacific Sun before being made into Heilala's award winning real vanilla syrup. Each elegant glass bottle of syrup has a whole vanilla bean inside so the vanilla flavor is pure awesomeness 'til the very last drop. Heilala vanilla started as a trade aid project after a cyclone in Tonga - they now have self funding projects in both Tonga and Uganda providing critical employment for the grower communities, creating the world's most awarded vanilla products while doing good.

Send Dad on the trip of a lifetime 

 New Zealand Cuisine Chef Fish foodie tour3When it's your year to really say thank you, send Dad on the Trip of a Life Time to New Zealand. The best way to experience New Zealand is through our incredible food and wine. Our uniquely Pacific island cuisine is based around seasonal local ingredients from both the land and the sea. New Zealand’s contemporary chefs are creating fresh, and innovative fine dining, elevating New Zealand to more than just an adventure island, but one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the world. This tour is about meeting the producers, we'll be visiting olive groves, private farms, beehives and New Zealand's only organic tea plantation spending time with some of New Zealand's top food producers in a special trip not available to the typical tourist. 


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