Fabulous Foodie Gifts for Mom

May 02, 2017

There's still plenty of time to chose something special for mom and have it delivered before the big day. Here are some ideas!


For the Mom who loves flowers

Lady Gatsby Zealong Tea Rose Petals Manuka Cinnamon organic Green Tea Kiwi square

Lady Gatsby is the matriach of Zealong Botanicals Organic Tea Range combining red rose petals with cinnamon, manuka and Zealong's award winning smooth green tea. Give Mom red roses in a delicious, luxury tea! Lady Gatsby comes in the convenience of Zealong's pyramid tea bags which are made of a non-GMO plant based starch, free of the synthetic polymer fibers, staples, glues, binding agents and bleaches typically found in pyramid and temple tea bags. If Mom is a huge tea fan, buy her the set of four of Zealong botanicals organic tea and we'll also send her a jar of drinking manuka honey too! 

For the Mom who is a brunch fan

heilala vanilla syrup for mothers day gift best vanilla syrup

Whip up some waffles, pancakes or french toast on Sunday morning and serve them with Heilala Vanilla Syrup. Heilala premium vanilla beans are organically grown in Tonga, hand-selected for their freshness and dried under the Pacific Sun before being made into Heilala's award winning real vanilla syrup. Each elegant glass bottle of syrup has a whole vanilla bean inside so the vanilla flavor is pure awesomeness 'til the very last drop.

For the eco-friendly Mom

manuka honey breakfast UMF manuka honey USA

Conservation leads commerce at Tahi estate where the bees roam freely in native New Zealand bush-land, feasting on wild nectar in the warmer months and over-wintering on their own honey. Tahi's Taste Collection Gift Pack contains a jar of the New Zealand Forest Honey and a jar of the UMF 5+ - both in glass jars and packaged in the beautiful native New Zealand bird gift box, designed to celebrate the conservation projects funded by profits from the honey sales. Tahi's natural approach to beekeeping is better for the environment, the bees and the honey. If you're looking more around the $20 purchase price, try the New Zealand Forest Honey - or if Mom is a big manuka honey fan, we have the Premium Collection Gift Pack

For the baking Mom

real vanilla extract vanilla paste vanilla sugar

Vanilla is the base of all baking. It can both mellow and give depth to the overall flavor. Vanilla can be its own star in ice cream, custard or crème brulee or an enhancer for chocolate, coffee, nut and fruit flavors. The Vanilla Starter Pack is a must have pantry staple comprising a glass bottle of pure vanilla extract (50ml), a glass jar of award winning pure vanilla bean paste full of whole seeds (60ml) and a bag of Pure Vanilla Bean Sugar (330g) Gluten free and Kosher Certified. Founded on aid and fair trade, the Tongan Heilala plantation began as a trade aid project to create essential employment and resources such as running water, housing and schools for the local community of Vava'u.

Thank Mom with a trip of a lifetime

New Zealand cuisine food wine chef producer travel

When it's your year to really say thank you, send Mom on the Trip of a Life Time to New ZealandThe best way to experience New Zealand is through our incredible food and wine. We're a Pacific island nation fueled by an agriculture and our cuisine is based around seasonal local ingredients from both the land and the sea. New Zealand’s contemporary chefs are creating uniquely New Zealand, fresh, and innovative fine dining, elevating NZ to more than just an adventure island, but one of the most exciting culinary destinations. This tour is about meeting the producers, we'll be visiting olive groves, private farms, beehives and New Zealand's only organic tea plantation spending time with some of New Zealand's top food producers in a special trip not available to the typical tourist.




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