Still Looking For That Perfect Gift?

December 06, 2016

Skip the cliched socks, scented candles, bath bombs and fountain pens. Here are 6 unique gift ideas that will be perfect for that hard-to-please someone this holiday season.

Pohutukawa Honey

pohutukawa Kiwi Importer honeyThe Pohutukawa tree is found primarily in coastal areas and it's bright, spiky red flowers are their most vibrant around Christmas time. Since so many of us Kiwis love to spend Christmas day at the beach (of course, it's Summer at Christmas for us) naturally, Pohutukawa has become an iconic symbol of a Kiwi Christmas.

Pohutukawa Honey has just become available in the USA and it has recently been awarded the #1 New Release award in Amazon. If you taste it you'll understand why. At $15 it's an affordable, sweet gift.


Hot Sauce Lovers Fiery Two Pack

Kaitaia Fire Hot Sauce 2 pack4These unique and flavorful hot sauces have been popular as a man-who-has-everything gift, and they also make a great Secret Santa present as they span ages, genders and tastes.

The Kaitaia Fire sauce is a traditional chili pepper hot sauce but the barrel ageing process gives it a fantastic smooth, non-vinegary taste.

The Waha Wera Habanero sauce is a sweeter hot sauce made with two iconic New Zealand flavors: Kiwifruit and manuka honey. I have a limited number of of these already packed up together in a gift box so if you're ordering for a gift please let me know. $19 for the set.


Tea and Drinking Honey

tea and honey gift packOrganic Zealong tea and manuka drinking honey were made for each other.

Zealong Organic tea comes in Black, Oolong and Green pyramid tea bags. I've packed them together with the Belixir Manuka Drinking Honey which has been certified at mg83 (equivalent to UMF 5+).

Again, I have a limited number of these already packed in gift boxes and ready to go just let me know on your order if you're ordering for a gift. Together they're $39.


Vanilla Gift Packs

heilala sugar extract and ground vanilla powderHeilala Vanilla is the world's most awarded vanilla and you only need to take the lid off and smell it to realize it's the real thing. Of course, any of the Heilala Vanilla range makes a great give in itself, but if you're looking for a gift pack, I've got two styles ready to go:

The Baker's Pack, which is Heilala Vanilla Sugar, Ground Powder and a big bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract, $30 for the trio;

and the Vanilla Lovers Pack, which is Heilala Vanilla Syrup, Vanilla Sugar and Ground Vanille Powder - great for flavoring coffee, pancakes and smoothies - $33 for all three.


Tahi Honey Gift Packs

gift pack premium collection cropped3Tahi Honey know how to do things well and their gift packs are no exception. They have two gift packs available this holiday season:

The Taste Gift Pack, which is a 280gm glass jar of the Forest Honey and a 280gm glass jar of the Manuka. It's just $45 and is a great introduction to this amazing honey. 

For the more serious Manuka Honey fan, Tahi have also put out a Premium Gift Pack which is a 280gm glass jar of each of the UMF 15+ and UMF 10+ which is on special for the holidays at $89.


Zealong Sampler Tin

Zealong organic tea sampler tinA perfect gift for any tea lover, all 5 of the Zealong loose leaf flavors come in this lovely gift sampler tin. From the tightly rolled, green balls of oolong tea leaves which steep to a golden tea; to the dark brown twists of black tea leaves which steep to a full bodied dark amber tea; to the loose green leaves which steep to a golden green tea. From your first sip you can taste the purity of New Zealand's only commercially grown organic tea.

Enjoy 3 - 4 infusions of the green and black and 6 - 8 infusions of the tightly rolled oolong teas. Only $12


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