362 Grillhouse

Angelique and Stephen in their warehouseAngelique and Stephen, the owners of Waikato based Wild Country are super innovators in the food industry. The couple who share a passion for both food and travel (preferably combined) are constantly researching and testing new ideas. Each year the couple reviews their 60 - 70 item product range, keeping the best sellers and all-time favorites but swapping out the passed trends with new and exciting flavor combos.

The 362 Grillhouse range was added to the Wild Country portfolio of condiments in 2010 in a bout of innovation after a culinary road trip through the USA.

The range is inspired by Southern BBQs, West Coast Microbreweries, TexMex Food Trucks, New York Diners and Burger joints. It celebrates bacon, beer, chipotle and mayonnaise.

One of the original flavors is the Bourbon Bacon Jam which to this day remains the number one seller in the range world-wide. 

smoky shroom burger at Wendys 362 Grillhouse condiments are not just popular with consumers but Angelique and Stephen also make bespoke sauces for a number of restaurant groups.  New Zealand Chef and TV presenter, Al Brown gets his special Old Yella Habanero Mustard for his Best Ugly Bagel Stores from Angelique and Stephen who also supply Federal Street Deli and Depot with custom made secret sauces. Wendy's Hamburger Chain is also a restaurant partner and have influenced the new flavor range. Wendy's Ultimate Bacon Burger featured Angelique and Stephen's Spicy Bacon Mayonnaise and Bacon Ketchup; Wendy's Tequila Crunch Burger used the Tequila Lime Tomato Salsa and most recently the collaboration has resulted in the Smoky 'Shroom Burger.